Centers of the Enneagram

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The beginning process of finding your Enneagram type is simplified by dividing the nine types into three groupings. Each grouping or Center contains three types. The three groupings are the Heart, Head, and Gut Centers. Finding your type is simplified by knowing your Center. If you know your center then you only look at the types of that center to determine which personality type is yours. Rather than choosing from nine types you choose from three

The Heart Center consists of types: Two, Three, and Four.

The Head Center consists of types: Five, Six, and Seven.

The Gut Center consists of types: Eight, Nine, and One.

Enneagram Centers

The Centers can be differentiated from each other based upon how they approach others.

Heart Center

The Heart Center consists of those people who move towards others. They engage relationship.

Picture yourself going to a party. When you get to the door what do you do? If you walk right in and begin talking and greeting others then you might belong in the Heart center. The Heart Center is emotion based. These types are image conscious. They are concerned with feelings and relationships. They are often busy doing.

Head Center

The Head Center types initially move away or withdraw from relationship.

At a party those in the Head Center stand at the door and look to see who is present and what is happening. These people are Head based and like to have a good idea of what to expect before entering a new situation. They  cautiously approach others. The Head center is a cognitive center. These people like to think but may be slow to  act. The plan but may not implement.

Gut Center

The Gut Center types move in and against. They are direct and straight forward. They can be confrontational.

At a party they would go right in and engage in hearty, jovial, back-slapping greetings that may put some people off. Or, they might offer the host a helpful criticism about how to improve some feature of the party. These types are based in instinctual energy. They tend to act first and later to think and feel in regard to their actions.

If you know your style of approaching others then you can locate your center and narrow the choices for your type. Determine your center then look to those three types to find yourself.

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