"101 Ways to Use a Labyrinth"


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On this page is presented the text of a paper read at the 2000 Conference of The Labyrinth Society held in Fayetteville, Arkansas from November 9-12, 2000. The paper is available in an Adobe Acrobat format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat you can download it from this site.

The opening paragraphs are printed below

"Recently I was reading a book on how to make effective presentations. It suggested that you first needed a good title — one that would appeal to people by promising results. There were several suggestions such as "10 Ways to…." and you can fill in the blank. Maybe — make money, relax, or win the lottery. Many book titles and magazine articles use this approach. It is sort of a "top ten" list. Another suggestion was "101 Ways" to do something. I liked that one. So that is our title — 101 Ways to use a Labyrinth. The book I was reading went on to point out that if your title is "10 Ways" then people really expect 10 examples and are disappointed if you do not give them. If, however, your title is "101 Ways" and your audience realizes that you actually intend to cover 101 items, they will be dismayed.

Don’t be dismayed. I don’ t have 101 Ways. I have one general way and seven basic categories. I have 15-20 ways but with your help and some discussion we may together generate 101 or more ways to use a labyrinth."

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