Relaxation Instructions 
for Cancer Patients




Cancer patients face many challenges. One of them is coping with the stress of treatment. Whenever we are under stress, our bodies react with tense muscles, a rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, fast breathing, and a tight belly. We also feel tense, apprehensive, irritated, or frustrated.

When facing new treatment procedures, like chemotherapy and radiation, stress levels may rise and can then aggravate some of the potential side effects of treatment such as nausea, fatigue, and low energy. However, if you approach your treatment procedure in a relaxed state of body and mind, you will lessen the likelihood of such side effects. You will create a sense of control over your situation, and your emotional state will be more peaceful.

Learning to relax is a simple process. The instructions you need are on the  Undoing Stress program.

Track One of the program has a brief explanation of what stress does to us, and it is followed by a 15 minute progressive muscle relaxation procedure.

Track Two of the program has only the relaxation procedure accompanied with peaceful background music.

To use the relaxation exercise, set aside 20 minutes for yourself when you will not be interrupted. Find a comfortable chair or recliner and listen to Track One. Just follow the relaxation instructions. Pay close attention to how relaxed you can become.

Once you know what   it is like to relax with this procedure, continue to practice at least once a day. You can use either Track One or Track Two with the music. Many people prefer to use Track Two for their practice.  The more you practice the more skilled you will become at relaxing and the more quickly you will be able to relax.

 Whenever you go for a treatment, use your Undoing Stress program. You can create a music CD of the instructions. Take it with you along with headphones and a portable CD player. Listen to the it while in the waiting room and, if possible, listen to it during your procedure. Follow the instructions, and you will become relaxed and stay relaxed.

Practice Undoing Stress everyday and you will be speeding your recovery.

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