The Ladder of Life

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"Midlife is when you reach the top of the ladder and find that it was against the wrong wall." Joseph Campbell

Campbell may have been referring to the career ladder but his statement applies to whatever "ladder" you are on. It may be the ladder of marriage or family. It may be the ladder of a unique goal you are pursuing. Or, it may be the ladder of personality development. If Campbell is right then a great many people in our society are soon to be frustrated as they near the top of this ladder and begin asking that all important midlife question, "Is this all there is?"

Baby Boomer Generation

The 76 million Baby Boomers are standing on this threshold of frustration and looking at the possibility of a new adulthood. If you were born between 1946 and 1964 then you are in this group. Known as the "Age Wave" they have been compared to a tidal wave passing through time. They have effected all that they have touched ranging from childcare to education to entertainment trends. The Baby Boomers will transform the midlife experience as well, but they will also be transformed by it. In their transformation is the potential to transform life as we know it. The Baby Boomers and the Millennium are on a collision course. A great awakening can occur.

Baby Boomer Facts

  • 1/1/86    First Boomer turned 40
  • 1/1/96    First Boomer turned 50
  • of the Boomers are over 40
  • During the 90’s 12,000 people turn 40 everyday
  • Majority will be confronting midlife as the Millennium arrives

    What is midlife?



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