Mind Storms

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Watch out for that "little voice" that talks to you.


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Mind Storms always give warning signs. These "storms" initially show up in that little voice of conscience that talks to us. You might recognize the voice of conscience as that positive voice that says, "Gee, you look good." And, "That was a terrific job." Or, in its negative tones, when it says, "That was really stupid. How could you be so dumb?" In a Mind Storm the voice is usually negative, critical, or irrational in its comments.

This little voice of self-talk can talk us into some bad spots. The challenge of Mind Storms is to learn to watch them come and go but not to react by feeding them more energy through negative thinking and impulsive deeds. We need to observe the little voice while not necessarily responding too seriously to it.

Knowing all about Mind Hindrances, Mind States, and Mind Storms and being aware of the importance of attitude on daily life is no guarantee of protection. Given the right conditions a Mind Storm thunders in and takes over before you know it. Once present it is difficult to recognize. Let me give an example.

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