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Lesson Seven: "Making Resolutions"


Make one resolution for each of three areas: mind, body,
and spirit.




Welcome to Lessons for Living.

Today’s lesson is on "Making Resolutions - New Year’s Resolutions."

The beginning of a New Year is the traditional time to make resolutions. A resolution is a formal expression of intent to change. It declares your resolve and determination to be different.

A New Year is a new start and can be a good time to assess yourself. What would you like to change?

In health care recently, there has been much discussion of the three areas of mind, body, and spirit that make up the essentials of our life experience. A good plan for New Year’s is to make one resolution for each of these areas. What can you change about how you are taking care of your mind, of your body, and of your spiritual needs?

For example, in regard to the mind do you need to change an attitude and become more open and less judgmental? Maybe you need learn something new? Perhaps, you could read more challenging books or attend a weekend seminar. Check out what local colleges have to offer. Take a technical course. Learn to fix your computer or repair your car. Challenge your mind in the coming year, and your horizons will expand.

For the body, do you need to exercise more? Do you need a more healthy diet? Maybe you need to slow down and relax. Perhaps you should learn meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi. Increase your body’s strength and flexibility. Maybe you need to give up a habit that you know is bad for you. Challenge your body in the New Year and it will reward you with improved health.

How about your spirit? Has it been neglected? Is it drying up? How can you replenish it? Simply acknowledging it by appreciating the beauty of a sunset may be enough. Why not get out into nature more often. Take long, slow walks. Find a labyrinth and walk it. Read inspiring literature and sacred texts. Talk meaningfully to another person. Go to a church or synagogue. Seek your spirit and it will find you, and you will be enriched.

So, there are three possible resolutions to be made for the New Year. Commitments to change something in the areas of the mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some tips to help along the way.

  • Don’t be too ambitious. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Set goals that are reasonable and reachable.
  • Look at a resolution as an opportunity to do something exciting and new and not as a task of drudgery.
  • Tell others about the resolutions you are making. When we tell others what we plan it increases our motivation to do it.

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