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Learn how to control stress while online.

The The Relaxation Stereogram will teach you how to relax now!

  • Find the hidden image. (It is the word, "Relax.")
  • While keeping the hidden word insight, begin to silently and slowly repeat the phrase - "I am relaxed" - in a rhythm with your breathing.
  • When you inhale think, "I am ..." and when you exhale think, "... relaxed."
  • Losing sight of the word is a signal that you have lost your concentration. Simply, refocus on the word and continue slowly repeating the phrase.
  • Do this procedure for several minutes, and you will notice the signs of relaxation.

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The Relaxation Stereogram. Copyright 1995 Dagali Graphics, All rights reserved.

For complete instructions see: Relaxation: The Mini-Meditation
Instructions on: How to view a Stereogram

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